Christian Noel Loran

Digital Marketing Consultant | Professional Aerial UAV Cinematographer.

It is my goal to continuously learn new tools, software, & skills to provide the highest of quality work in a efficient pace.

This is My Story

Ever since I was a child one of my biggest hobbies was taking things apart and trying to put them back together, even today I still cant resist. My fascination with wanting to know how things work quickly got me in trouble when I started dismantling my fathers things. Eventually I was introduced to remote controlled toys and build it yourself kits and that was the greatest thing my parents ever did. My interests in remote controlled planes & helicopters has not stopped growing. In college I made it my goal to turn my childhood hobby into a plausible profession. I focused heavily on learning digital marketing, multimedia design, and photography & video. The combination of these skills make me capable of designing every aspect of a marketing campaign in quick efficient pace.

I have worked for successful start up companies such as Whiptail Technologies, TA,  and assisted in many aspects of developing “go to market” marketing collateral and campaigns that helped lead to a acquisition by Cisco.

Shortly after college I began my first 2 business’s and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Here are my company sites


Aside from my full time jobs I have numerous freelance clients that I work with on a regular basis to produce unique content. I work with small business owners to fortune 500 enterprise technology vendors alike and enjoy being the architect of their ideas.

These are my skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite 100%
  • HTML & CSS 100%
  • Mobile Friendly Design 100%
  • Photography 100%
  • Video Production 100%
  • Aerial Drone Cinematography 100%
  • Motion Graphics 100%
  • Character Animation 100%
  • Voice Overs 100%

My Recent Work